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                    General Information

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                        Certificate Holder Information


                        Complete Certificate Holder Information sections. All starred* fields are required.

Send a copy to certificate holder:

If you select yes to this statement, then the certificate will be sent to the email address entered under the ‘Certificate Holder Contact Email:’ field. If you want to send additional copies of the certificate by email or fax, enter the contact info accordingly under the respective fields ‘Send a copy of the certificate to the following email(s) or Send a copy of the certificate to the following fax(es)’. A certificate holder could be a person or entity who needs evidence of coverage. 

Contract Expiration (mm/dd/yyyy):

Enter contract expiration fdate, mirroring the requested format.

Certificate Expiration (mm/dd/yyyy):
An autofill of the Certificate Expiration date field, in all certificate request forms, has been applied. The date will automatically be set to 7/1 of current calendar year if request is submitted prior to that date. If request date is after 7/1 of current calendar year then the autofill will set to 7/1 of next calendar year. The ability to edit the filed will remain in place should the user need to change date. However, it will not allow a user to exceed the default date set.

Renew this certificate?

Select whether or not you want the certificate to renew.



                        Complete Justification information sections. All starred* fields are required.

Specify contract/affiliation/service agreement name or number:*

Enter both the name and number, if you have both.

Institution information

Complete all information for institution where work is to be performed.


                          Complete Justification information sections. All starred* fields are required.

If the limits required are different than the maximum limit, please note the required limits in this section.

Attach Files and Relevant Information

Attach any necessary documents, and note any relevant information not requested elsewhere.

File limitations

A maximum of four files total may be attached, not exceeding five megabytes per file, 20 megabytes maximum. Unsupportable file types include .wmv, .exe, .gif.

Expedited Processing

Note: this request will be automatically emailed to the Reviewer & Approver for your location. If this certificate should be expedited please contact the Reviewer & Approver to be sure they received your request. To find out whom the appropriate Reviewer & Approver is for your department, please contact the Risk Services Representative or Team for your campus and/or medical center.


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