Clicking anywhere in the row of a single Not Already Approved or Rejected certificate request will activate the form window. Once activated, the user may view or edit all submitted data, open any attachments, and take action.

The certificate rejection process is for users with the following roles:

            · Reviewer

                           · This role is broken out into Level 1 and Level 2 permissions at UCLA Health System only.

             · Approver

                    · Reviewer/Approver

To reject a certificate request, the user should click the red button labeled ‘Reject’. Clicking on either the ‘Cancel’ button or the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the form will cancel the action and close the form.

The rejection process may be executed by any role as long as the stage of the process is in the user's permission domain. For example, the role of an Approver may not reject a certificate request if the request has not been reviewed by a Reviewer(Levels1 and/or 2).

Note:This decision may not be edited or reversed.Any reconsideration of the submission will require a new certificate request.