Clicking anywhere in the row of a Reviewed status certificate request will activate the form window. Once activated,the Approver may view or edit all submitted data, open any attachments, and take action.

The certificate approval process is for users with the following roles:

                     · Approver

                     · Reviewer/Approver


To complete the Approval process, the Approver or Reviewer/Approver should the green button labeled ‘Approve’.Clicking on either the ‘Cancel’ button or the ‘X’ in the upper right corner of the form will cancel the action and close the form.

Note: The Approver may not bypass the review process(Levels1and2);they must wait for the review process to becompleted before they can take action.The Reviewer/Approver may bypass the review process(Levels 1 and 2) at any time.

For Approver, there are two easy ways to distinguish if the review process has been completed:

· The ‘Approve’ button on the certificate form is enabled.

· The certificate is showing a ‘REVIEWED’ status on the main administration page.