Edit User Roles is a feature which allows an Administrator the ability to add or delete a user and apply role permissions.

To Add a user and assign role permissions, select the green +Add Role button at top left of page.

      Enter the new user information in the new pop up window::

1. Enter a First Name

2. Enter a Last Name

3. Enter an Email address

4. Select a Permission role by checking the box next to the requested role

5. Select a Location from the drop down menu

6. Select a Department from the drop down menu

7. Select a Cert type value from the drop down menu

· Note: This drop down menu will only appear if selected Location is UCLA Health System.

8. Click the Submit button

To Delete a user, click red ‘trash can’ icon to the right of the User you wish to delete.

Confirmation of the removal will be required by selecting Ok on the pop up window as shown below.

The Search Function at the top right of the Administration pageallows Administrators to filter the list by searching keywords. For example, first name, last name, or location.

The Show Entries feature allows Administrators to adjust the number of entries shown on the page by using the drop down box on the top left of the page. Choose from viewing 10, 25, 50, or 100 results at a time.

Users can scroll through the Administration pages by clicking on a page number or clicking on the words 'previous' or 'next' on the bottom right of the page.