The ability to opt out of email notifications has been enhanced to allow users to now suppress emails generated throughout various stages of the lifecycle of a certificate request. The access point of this feature in the existing Mail Settings within the Options menu.



A user may uncheck the box next to the notification stage they want to suppress. Since a user can be affiliated to more than one location, and in different roles, there may be multiple locations displaying in the selection set.


The number of options a user has to opt out of is dependent upon their role permissions. Use the guide below to show the correlation of options based upon permission.


  • Reviewer Level 1: Pending
  • Reviewer Level 2 (UCLA Health System only): Pending, Accepted
  • Approver: Pending, Accepted
  • Approver (UCLA Health System only): Pending, Accepted, Reviewed


The Example below represents what would be seen by some at UCLA Health System with permissions set to that of an Approver.