The ability to run reports is now accessible to users of the application who currently have access to the Administration page. This includes those deemed as Reviewer (level 1 and 2), Approver, or Administrator.The access point to the Reporting Tool is located within the Options menu.


The Reporting Tool provides a user with several data parameters to select in order to build a report. Once data is input the user can select the Generate Report button to execute the query. All returned results will display in a preview pane below the search parameter area.


There is a Download CSV feature which allows a user to convert the data into a .csv formatted file. The file can then be saved to a local file directory.

 If only a portion of the results returned are needed then using the Search feature will help narrow the set. Type in the value for focus into the text box and hit enter. The result set will adjust to display only those certificate requests which contain the value entered.

There are several rules a user should be aware of when using the Reporting Tool.

· When requesting all data for a Location the user must first select one from the drop down menu. Once selected they must select the blue plus sign  to the right of the drop down to commit it to the search. If selecting multiple locations, they must be added to the query one at a time before generating the report.

· When requesting data for one or more Departments the user must first select a Location without committing the entire Location to the search. Do not select the blue plus sign  to the right of the drop down as this will commit the entire Location to the search and restrict them from accessing the affiliated Departments. The Departments can then be added one at a time simply by clicking on them.

· Departments and/or Locations selected for the report query will appear in grey shaded boxes beneath the affiliated drop down menu(s). They can be removed at any point in time by selecting the ‘X’ to the right of the Departments and/or Location name.

· When searching by Clinician Employee ID, Clinician Name, or Requestor only a portion of the name needs to be entered. This may result in a larger result display due to names and ID’s sharing common characters supplied at search. The fewer characters supplied, the greater the result set returned will be.

· When searching by Clinician Employee ID, Clinician Name, or Requestor, and entering a full name or ID, it must be spelled correctly or no results will be returned.

· Only the values listed below will show in the display window once the query is run. To see all data values associated to a certificate request form a user must download the report into a CSV file.

o Status

o Certificate Type

o Requestor Name

o Requestor Email

o Requested Date and Time

o Location

o Department